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About Visitor Visa

Do you want to visit Canada on a temporary basis?

A temporary resident visa (or TRV) is the official authorization required for visitors to enter Canada. Many people refer to this as a visitor visa.

Note that you may not need a TRV depending on what country you are from, if you hold specific documents or if you are entering for certain purposes.

Also if you are entering for the purposes of study or temporary work, apply for these permits.  A TRV will be issued together with your work or study permit if approved.

If you require a TRV to enter Canada, you must submit a formal application along with supporting documentation.

Immigrate Simply takes you through the process:  first to confirm you require a TRV, then to generate the forms you need to apply for visitor status (such as application for TRV, family information, statutory declaration of common-law union, document checklist).

Immigrate Simply saves you time and money by:

  • Streamlining the process of entering information 

  • Providing hints and tips alongside questions

  • Printing all the immigration forms you need for your application with the information you entered

Download your completed application and checklist from Immigrate Simply and save it.

Provide the required documents listed on the checklist.  

Submit both to IRCC to apply for your temporary residence visa (TRV).  Simple.

What is an electronic travel authorization and how do I know if I am eligible?

An Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) is needed for individuals from countries that do not require visas to come to Canada by air.  Of the ten countries with the most immigrants to Canada, only individuals from Republic of Korea (South) and the United States can travel with an eTa. 

A visitor visa (TRV) is required for individuals coming to Canada from India, China, Nigeria, the Philippines, Pakistan, Eritrea, Syria, or Iran.  A complete list of countries that require visas to visit Canada can be found here.

An eTA does not guarantee entry to Canada. Canada Border Servides will need to confirm that the traveller is eligible for entry to Canada.

What do you mean by valid status?

Valid status means that have a valid visitor visa and it has not yet expired.  

What does a Visitor Visa cost?

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