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Empowering means

having the knowledge, confidence, means, or ability to   do things or make decisions for oneself.

Immigrate Simply makes it easier and faster for you to complete your own application online.

Reducing frustration

Immigrate Simply saves you time with its simple online question format. 

Entering information correctly the first time saves you time and effort, which is why we put the question tips and hints right where you need them.  

 Immigrate Simply and save time and money

Let’s Get Started

Pay nothing until you’re to print your completed Application forms. 

The first page is always free.

What we will do

Immigrate Simply provides full support for any technical issues related to our software.  We also provide engaging and interesting content about all things Canadian because we want you to feel comfortable when you get here.  Canada is so much better for having you here and – to be completely honest – you make our restaurant options a lot better. 

What we can’t do

 Immigrate Simply cannot provide any advice on immigration specific questions.  Immigrate Simply does not represent a law firm or consultancy.  Only certain individuals can provide professional advice, if this applies to you, read more.

Individuals needing advice on an immigration, refugee, or citizenship matter can obtain this from unpaid third parties such as family members, friends or various organizations.  For professional paid advice, only those authorized under law can provide this service.  These are lawyers and paralegals in good standing of a law society, notaries in Quebec and ICCRC authorized consultants.  It is recommended that you seek out an authorized professional should you need guidance.  Complete and submit this form and we will get you connected with an authorized professional who can assist you.

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