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  • Even Canadian immigration officers have trouble finding the right information:  “We expect clients to know just what to do because it’s on the website . . .  yet, even for immigration officers like ourselves, we often find the website to be confusing and not user-friendly.”  (Keung, 2018)

  • Approximately 20% of visitor visas are rejected, often for simple errors.  That can add up to over 200,000 rejected visitor visas per year. And, about 30% of study permits are rejected, which adds up to over 170,000 rejected applications per year.

  • If your application is rejected because of a preventable error or common mistake, it can delay your plans to come to Canada. 

Immigration is confusing

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Empowering immigration

Helping you gain the knowledge, confidence, means, and ability to complete your own immigration forms

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Allowing you to enter your information quickly and efficiently by providing immigration hints right where you need them. Completing the form online saves you time and effort.

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What we will do

Immigrate Simply provides full support for any technical issues related to our software.  We also provide engaging and interesting content about all things Canadian because we want you to feel comfortable when you get here.  Canada is so much better for having you here. Check out our blog on Why Canada Needs Immigrants.

What we can’t do

Unfortunately, Immigrate Simply cannot provide immigration advice because we do not represent a law firm or immigration consultancy.  Only certain individuals can provide professional advice, so if you think you might need immigration advice, read on.

Individuals who think they need advice on an immigration, refugee, or citizenship matter can pay authorized professionals.  For professional advice, look for an immigration consultant (ICCRC authorized), a lawyer or paralegal licensed to practice in Canada, or notary in Quebec.  

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